Street Pastors


Street Pastors puts people from churches of all

denominations in the centre of where life happens, to talk

to, engage with, and care about the people around. 

Street Pastors are church leaders and members; people who love and care for their communities, and want to make a difference. Their primary role is to care for the people they encounter, particlularly those who are vulnerable, by offering to listen, support, and help them on the streets and around night time venues. Street Pastors work from 7pm to 3am on Friday nights in Preston. There is currently a team of 24 Street Pastors from 10 different churches in the area, who make themselves available to provide assistance to anyone and be a safe person to find help or guidance where needed.

All Street Pastors have to go through the Training Programme, which is designed to fully equip individuals to respond to the needs of the people they engage on the streets. The training gives full awareness of today's social problems, including drugs and youth provision.

If you are interested in becoming a Street Pastor, these are the requirements:
• Must be over 18 (no upper age limit)
• Must be a committed Christian in a local church
• Must have a positive reference from the Senior Leader of the church of which you have been a member for at least one year
• Must be able to commit to our training programme.


If you want to find out more about Street Pastors, their work in Preston, or if you would like to apply to become a Street Pastor go the Street Pastors website.


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