Inside Out


"For God so loved the world that He gave..." 

John 3:16


Inside Out exists as a response to the practical needs

we encounter within our local community, and is a

means of connecting those who want to give with

those facing hardship who live on our doorstep.


Through Inside Out we partner with other local organisations, and respond to referrals from agencies including Christians Against Poverty, Children and Parenting Support Services, Housing Associations, Domestic Violence Refuges, Social Services, local councils, Police and many more. The projects range from gardening, cleaning and decorating, to providing furniture, bedding and clothes.


We go into people's homes, doing whatever it takes to demonstrate the hope they have for their future. This is a free service, which is organised on a referral basis through recognised agencies.


This rapidly-growing ministry is changing the lives of numerous families within our local community, and there are lots of ways that you can get involved; working on projects, or giving time, money or items to make a real, long-term difference to those in need. 


As Inside Out we passionately believe that we are here to meet the needs of the world; whatever that looks like.