Award Winners!


On Wednesday 12th November 2014, we were invited to Lambeth

Palace after being shortlisted for an award from the Christian

Funders' Forum.

Ron Farrington, Senior Pastor, and Jackie Garcia-Sanchez, Funder

Finder, went along to the awards ceremony.

There were 93 projects nominated for the award in total. We were

shortlisted along with two other projects, and delighted to win the

Best Church-based Social Action Project. 

Inside Out was awarded funding from The Joseph Rank Trust over a three year period in 2013. The Christian Funders' Forum is made up of a varitey of Christian Foundations and Trusts, Joseph Rank being one of them, who nominated the Inside Out project for the Best Church-based Social Action Project.

Ron and Jackie accepted the award from Colin Rank, Chair of Trustees for The Joseph Rank Trust.

Ron said: "We didn't believe that we would ever win something like this; to see all the other people who are here tonight and for people to choose us was quite amazing."

Watch the video of Ron and Jackie at Lambeth Palace by clicking here:



























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