Celebrate Recovery


Celebrate Recovery is a 12 Step Christ-centred recovery programme which offers

a safe place, with safe people, to help you recover from your hurts, habits, and


We live in a time when lots of people carry damage in their lives. For some, it is because of past mistakes but, for others, it is through no fault of their own. Often, deep issues in life can leave us feeling that there is nowhere to turn for help, understanding or support. If this sounds like you, there is hope!

Celebrate Recovery is for anyone who feels the need for healing in their lives. We all carry baggage from the past which affects our ability to cope with life in the present. This can take the form of abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety, bereavement, depression, rejection, relationship difficulties and such like.

Working the 12 Step programme enables us to move forward with confidence because we have been provided with the necessary tools to deal with the struggles that life has put in our paths.

To attend Celebrate Recovery you must be over 18.

We are Christ-centred but we welcome anyone who wishes to join us; all we ask is that you respect our beliefs. 

At each person's first meeting, they are given a one-to-one session with a senior leader to get to know what is best for that individual and their needs. 

Celebrate Recovery is run by a group of volunteers who have been through the 12 Step programme themselves, so have experienced the healing and recovery first hand.




Celebrate Recovery is a weekly meeting throughout the year, each session lasts approximately an hour and a half, with extra time for refreshments.

We usually run a daytime meeting and an evening meeting in different locations; one based in the city centre, one in South Ribble.

The meetings start with everyone together for 30-45 minutes. The 12 Steps of recovery are read and the principle for that evening is discussed, worked through and applied to each individual's reason for attending. After this, we break up into small groups (which are gender specific) and end the evening with refreshments. Each week is designed to equip you to take the next step on your journey.